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After years of repeated unsuccessful attempts (including legal intervention) to correct our company profile shown by Dun & Bradstreet we decided to present the correct information here.

  • History
    Bradstreet Clinical Research Associates began as P. W. Bradstreet & Associates in 1989 as a sole proprietorship. Trading Papers are on file with the Middlesex County Courthouse. (D&B says there is no third party documentation supporting a 1989 company initiation.)

    Bradstreet Clinical Research Associates, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 by the law firm of Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Hyman, Vignuolo & Stahl; North Brunswick, NJ. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation was provided to D&B. (D&B says company started in 1993.)

    The SIC number shown by D&B is for non-profit organizations.  We are a for profit consulting company. Our correct SIC number is 8731.

  • D&B’s Rating System
    and Payment Summary

    These two categories as illustrated by D&B provide irrelevant statements as well as default debt and payment amounts that have no basis in fact for this company. A review of our company’s financial history since 1989 would show that we operate on a cash basis and that all invoices are paid within a week’s time if not sooner.
  • Operation
    We do not operate “clinical research agencies” nor “sell” to pharmaceutical companies.

    Bradstreet Clinical provides a wide variety of clinical research and development services, regulatory affairs consulting, FDA submission preparation and medical writing services to the pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics industries.

    Any questions may be directed to and will be answered promptly.

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