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Bradstreet Clinical Research Inc. has been a clinical and regulatory consulting company for almost two decades. It is composed of medical, clinical and regulatory professionals who worked together in the pharmaceutical industry for many years prior to forming this company so our professional history is very long.

  • Patricia Bradstreet
    President and CEO

    Patricia Bradstreet, the founder, President and CEO of BRADSTREET, is a microbiologist with over 30 years of experience in clinical research, project management and regulatory submissions. Her particular strengths include project management and the ability to assemble the right team for each assignment. Particular areas of experience include contact lenses, cystic fibrosis, dental studies, hepatitis, infectious diseases, monoclonal antibodies, oncology, osteoarthritis, pain management, wound healing, women's health care and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Stanley G. Schutzbank, Ph.D., RAC
    Executive Vice President

    Dr. Schutzbank, the Executive Vice President of BRADSTREET, has over 30 years of experience in clinical research, regulatory affairs, project management and executive management. He served as chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS) and the Regulatory Affairs Certification Board and has extensive experience in the preparation and submission of INDs, BLAs and PMAs.
  • Peter Levitch
    Regulatory Strategist/Consultant.

    Extensive, Effective Industry Experience. Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals, Medical Devices. Formerly Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at J&J Company, Responsible Head to CBER, Official Correspondent to CDRH. Participated in the FDA Approval of Several Biotechnology Derived Products.
    Specializes in Development of Strategic Regulatory Plans, Providing Clear Pathway to FDA Product Approval.
    CV and References Available upon Request.
    Bridgewater, NJ. 908-526-9162/908-892-0300
  • Bradstreet Key Staff inclules:

    MD oncologist with 25 years of pharmaceutical clinical research experience

    PhD level writers who handle both clinical and regulatory writing

    PhD epidemiologist/statistician

    PhD level CMC/GMP experts

    VP of Clinical Operations, who leads our Clinical Quality Assurance Group

    PhD level regulatory affairs professionals with 25 years of experience

    Network of 20 local and regional clinical study monitors

    Project managers

    Information Technology/Part 11 compliance manager

    Clinical Administrators

    Data management services

    PhD primary statistician

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